Hamish Webb - C.E.O of Filming.NZ | Everyone has an important message, something that they want to contribute to the world. Video, is the way of sharing those important ideas, thoughts, and messages. It carries greater influence, people feel more connected and there is a stronger emotional response when someone watches a film.

With my background in professional life and business coaching, I can help you connect with your important message, even if you have never given this message a voice before. Putting your message to film means it can be broadcast to the world!

Since 2002 I have been developing websites and marketing online. Websites are easier to build than ever before and that means more competition. Today the minimum requirement for a good website is to have at least one video and to put that on the homepage. Yet, more than 90% of New Zealand business websites don’t meet that requirement!

You may have heard the expression "Content is King" an expression made famous from a paper written by Bill Gates. Today Google not only reads your content but can watch it too. Google can recognise both photo and video content and determine if it is unique or copied. Google also has the technology to automatically transcode what is spoken in your video content.

Since users are engaging more than ever today with video content, it makes sense that Google is prioritising the delivery of such content to it users.

I can provide the full package that you need to expand your share of the market. A film with a newsworthy angle, a written news story, proper newswire distribution, the film embedded into your website, targeted keywords, multi-tier content distribution and more!